Think Responsively: My thoughts on responsive design

I hear a lot of opinions on responsive design from clients, other developers both in person and via social media.   The spectrum of opinion is a wide one.  I figure if I’m going to try and contribute to the pioneering of this journey of helping SharePoint move into the mobile realm, I should share my own opinion on responsive design.  It’s OK if you don’t agree with it – it’s only one opinion.

I believe that truth be told the enterprise as a whole is not ready mentally (understanding the value) and the industry is not ready physically (tools and methodologies) for responsive design “yet”.  However, the tide is changing and the mobile usage is undeniable so as thought leaders we must forge forward and clear a path for next 10 years of online information consumption.  It’s not about having the perfect answers or solutions right now, it’s about adjusting our approach and preparing for the next wave.  Few things start out perfect.


Shane Perran Responsive Design, User Experience and SharePoint SME

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