A look at some of the web parts we are developing

During the day I work for the Information Worker Solutions division of Infotech Canada. Our main focus is on SharePoint Products and Technologies (Both SPS and WSS). One of the main intitiatives has been our product line Team Tools. Team Tools is a group of commercial web parts and components that enhance both SharePoint Portal Server 2003 and Windows SharePoint Services 2.0.

Recently I was able to do a couple of demo’s of our web parts for the corporate site so I figured I’d share a couple of them with you here and see what you think. In the very near future we are going to be looking for individuals interested in evaluating some of the products (we will supply a 30 day evaluation) and giving some feedback on them so if you are interested feel free to drop me a line and I’ll get back to you as soon as the initial field testing which is currently on-going is complete and we are reading for a second batch of testers.

Below is brief overview of some of the tools and links to demo’s so that you can see them in action.

Team Tools – Trace:
This is a SharePoint component that enhances the document library feature. It adds cut, copy and paste options and also retains document version history and meta-data.

You can transfer files across libraries even on different sub-sites with this component.

One of the other major features is the conflict resolution; If you have two libraries with different columns it recognizes this and offers you several ways to deal with it, the more notable one being it allows you to map the columns to what you think works best. The final big one is the document workspace feature. Trace will retain the version history and meta-data of the file even during create document workspace, and publish back to source.

I have posted several demo’s of Trace here.

Team Tools – My Private Documents
This is a web part for SharePoint Portal Server 2003 that enhances the Private Documents feature. Normally to access the files in your Private Documents library you have to visit MySite, click the Private Documents link only to be redirected to your personal site where the library is. My Private Documents lets you access your private documents from wherever you place the web part. You can put it directly on MySite, or a Subsite. Fairly logical thing someone might want to be able to do.

My Private Documents demo available here.

There are several other web parts available on the Team Tools section but those two have demo’s right now so I figured maybe someone would want to take a look.

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2 Responses

  1. Shane Perran says:

    Heya Dustin :)

    We are using a que data-base to store the information.

    There is a fairly in-depth technical reference that will be included with the evaluation (and of course final products).



  2. I have to ask: regarding Trace, how are you preserving all versions and all meta-data (such as original author, timestamps, etc.) without touching the database?

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