Branding SharePoint 2010 – Step by Step

It seems there are alot of folks with questions regarding branding/customizing the SharePoint 2010 UI. I am going to use this opportunity to step back into the blogging more heavily and help to answer some of those questions.

In the coming days and weeks I will be posting a series blogs related to branding/customization from a designers perspective, not a developers perspective.¬† I will include all source files including PSD’s, Master Pages, Page Layouts and Style Sheets.

The following topics will be front and center in the posts:

  • Things to know before you begin.
  • What do you need and want to accomplish? Planning with a purpose.
  • Designing the UI – The Photoshop Phase.
  • Removing SharePoint from the picture – the Static HTML phase.
  • Getting your SharePoint environment set-up for design work.¬† Understanding the bits and pieces and where they go!
  • Matching out of the box SharePoint 2010¬†components with your content requirements.
  • The ever elusive “Blank Starting Master Page“.
  • Creating Page Layouts.
  • Styling (CSS) the SharePoint UI.
  • Tips and Tricks for Branding/Customizing the SharePoint UI.

Get ready… Guess who’s back!


Shane Perran Responsive Design, User Experience and SharePoint SME

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  1. atos says:

    that’s great news. I can’t wait.
    thank you in advance;

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