Turning over a new leaf …

I’ve been blogging for about a year now and I have learned many things, mostly through trial-and-error, but I’ll chaulk it up as experience and start fresh.

Things I’ve learned;

Don’t make over-zealous, premature posts before you can back up the results.
Try to keep things short and sweet and most importantly on topic.
One thing at a time, especially when it comes to large projects (Like a 15 part tutorial)

As you may have noticed the first step in my leaf turning is a fresh new look for the blog. I talk a lot of design, usability, CSS and customization so it was time to start practicing what I preach.

Moving Forward:

I will do my best to keep things on topic, and easy to follow. I will also have my homework done before I jump into any in-depth posts (ie: the work will be done in the background before I post).

I’m going to continue blogging, just in a more organized fashion. The focus of the blog will remain on SharePoint Customization.

I hope you like the new look,


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1 Response

  1. Martin says:

    Nice :-)

    I’m slowly getting to reading the tutorials, good work so far!

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