WII have added to our entertainment unit

While out and about yesterday I picked up a Nintendo WII to add to the entertainment arsenal and I must say I’m quite pleased with the purchase.  It is showing some true innovation in gaming and I would venture as far as to say this is likely a glimpse into the future of game interactivity.  While it doesn’t have near the features, or graphics ability of the XBOX 360, it is quite simply a lot of fun, especially with a group of people.

The XBOX 360 will still handle my Media Center, and of course has tonnes of awesome games with killer graphics so it certainly won’t be replaced any time soon.  The WII is simply an addition to the unit and so far, a pretty good one.

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  1. Jason Dossett says:

    Owning both a 360 and a Wii is common enough that people have started calling it ‘owning an Xbox Wii60’. Nintendo pulled it off again, positioning themselves expertly to not compete directly with the 360 or PS3.

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