WSS SP2 Released

The much awaited release of WSS SP2 has arrived.

Skip everything and go directly to the WSS SP2 Download Page.

Bil Simser as always has some great information up on his site about it, details below or you can visit his site directly. If you are not already subscribed to his blog it’s a definate on any SharePointers list.

Some juicy details from Bil Simsers site:

The WSS SP 2 release has substantial supportability improvements including:

Support for running on 64-bit machines in 32-bit emulation mode
Support for Reverse Proxy and Alternate URL support
Support for IP Bound virtual servers
Support for off-box SSL termination
Support for SQL Server 2005
Support for ASP.NET 2.0
Everyong running WSS and SPS are encouraged to update to WSS SP 2. However, although SPS SP1/RTM will be able to run on top of WSS SP2, Microsoft is restricting support for the “shared” functionality that is added in SP2 for SPS and WSS until SPS SP2 ships. The shared functionality is the support improvements above.

In other words, even though you’ll be able to install WSS SP2 on SPS SP1/RTM installs, you still need to wait for SPS SP2 before utilizing any of the newly-supported functionality above.

Of course if you have not already taken the walkthrough you can do that here.

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