It's official, it's been one year.

It’s officially been one year since I’ve quit smoking.  I have not mentioned the road to recovery on the blog mainly because I’m not a huge fan of publicizing my own stupidity. 

That being said today marks the official 1 year mark of being smoke free.  Statistically that means that if one smoked 1 pack of 20 per day every day for 365 days, well I would also be celebrating the anniversary of not lighting up at leats 7300 times.

In other news it appears I’ve been tagged by Matt to carry the “Things you don’t know about me” baton –  I’ll have to put a little thought into that before responding.

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4 Responses

  1. I salute you, Shane! You have made one of the smartest moves in your life! I have actually seen the lungs of several (dead) smokers, and I can tell you it does’t look nice!

  2. I am proud as heck for you. Not only did you do it but I am happy to say you did it with strength and composure all while still being a pleasure to be around…at least for the last 364 days. =-)

    Way to go!

  3. Dan Attis says:

    Congrats Shane. I had my 10 year smoke free anniversary on November 28th, 2006. It is no small feat to quit, and you should be commended! Originally being from Moncton, New Brunswick, I grew up around plenty of cigarettes and know the drill. Being a clever Canadian as well, I simply would place a second beer into my smoking hand when I got a craving.

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