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* Update*

I have decided to wait a few days before actually letting this list stay live, I want to give everyone an opportunity to have their names removed should they not want them in the public listing. I have had some that prefer to remain off the list due to their corporate emails being used.

If you would rather not be included in the public listing please let me know. Until I am certain everyone is ok with it I will keep the listing offline for now.

** end update **

Many of you over the last few months have been involved with the messenger conversations we’ve been having on a semi-regular basis.

My MSN Messenger SharePoint Group has grown significantly over the last while so I decided it was time to keep track of them in a more organized fashion.

For those that have never really taken a look at what messenger exports as a contact list it is XML based so I have edited the list to only contain SharePoint contacts.

There are 30 or so names in the list now, I will continue to add to this list as new contacts come in. If for any reason you would rather not be in the public list please let me know..

To Export your list:
Go to Contacts, Save Contact List

To edit your list
Open the list in a text editor such as notepad and simply add the entries

To Import a list
Go to Contacts, Import Contacts from a File

If you would like to be added to the list feel free to email me Please notify me on if you would like to be part of the “PUBLIC” listing.


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