SharePoint Designer 2007 problem connecting to a site which uses a managed path?

If you are using managed paths and having trouble connecting to a site using a managed path in SharePoint Designer 2007 try the following steps:

  • Check to see if the server you are connecting to is referenced in the Open Site Dialogue Box (ie: http://myserver)
  • If so, delete this reference from the Open Site Dialogue Box and try again.

Note I have only received an error while running Windows Vista RC1.  The managed paths glitch is known as of B2TR and has already been fixed for the final. 

Good Luck!

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2 Responses

  1. Parsaei says:

    Hi,I need to create the workflow with custom task in the share point designer 2007 but not worked!
    task in the custom task wizard is created but not to appear in the task list!
    please help me what to solve my problem.

  2. Hi Shane,
    bit of an unrelated question but I am struggling with being able to take an xslt data view (created off from a filtered doc library view)from a site and then re-using that view on a subsite(s). I can create a data view via Designer on the subsite natively but it seems to be much more limited in its display abilities. Is there any way to export the xslt data view (converted from a web part in Designer) from the top level site then import it in to a subsite and connect the imported view to its source?

I would love to hear from you.

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