My first two 2007 demos/presentations down …

I mentioned yesterday I was set to deliver my fist technical training presentation/demo.  First off it’s 90% demo the presentation (slide) side of things is minimal due to my deep seeded hatred of bullets.

I’m happy to report it ran smoothly, the developer/designer audience found some answers, and I was actually able to present the same material again today, this time internally to some members of our web dev team.

I focused the sessions on two main topics (SharePoint Designer 2007 Features) and using those features to (Create and Customize Page Layouts based on Content Types from scratch).

I try to save the best for last in any technical presentation and people seemed amused by my choice for the #1 Feature of SharePoint Designer 2007 so I figured I would share this single slide with you.

Note: This is meant only as a joke!

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4 Responses

  1. shane says:

    There are several great training companies which specialize in SharePoint Products and Technologies.

    We ( do some training on as as-needed basis. Usually entry level or customization training.

    I highly recomment Mindsharp for advanced training. They specialize in this area and have a full set of courseware for any level.

  2. PhilNIck says:

    I am looking to get some advanced training on SharePoint 2007 features and development, where is the best place to look for that stuff?

    BTW – Site’s awesome, thanks for keeping the blog up, it’s really valuable.

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