Adding a company logo to a WSS v3 site using CSS

I feel as though I must be missing something, actually, I really hope I’m missing something obvious.

The problem: I create a WSS v3 web/site and now want to add my company logo. If I open the default.master to add this to the page I will unghost it. I see no other “easy solution” for such a simple and common task.

When I came upon this today it was a deja vu moment as I travelled back in my memory to an almost identical post I made when I encoutered this with WSS v2.

Just as you could in v2, you can hide the default site logo and add a custom logo with a little CSS. The idea is you use the company logo as the background and hide the default. Notice: This is a temporary “hack” and problems can potentially crop up.

For those that are just experimenting or need a temporary yet nifty and NON-unghosting way to add your company logo to the page, read on.

In your WSS v3 Theme,

/* Custom added class to hide the 4 little men – Shane */
#GlobalTitleAreaImage img { display:none; }

/* Adding the company logo as a background image – Shane */
.ms-sitetitle {
color: #e42330;
height:82px; /* The height = the height of the image */

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5 Responses

  1. Janardhan says:

    iam change the Banner of my homepage using share point Designer but it displayed only when administrator log in to the site when user login to the site it displays(share point default banner) what is the problem can u help me any one please……….

  2. Dave Porter says:

    Great tip, but I can’t believe you said Un-Ghosting with v3….don’t you mean ‘Customized?’….

  3. shane says:

    That works if you want to change it for all sites but unfortunately isn’t much good site by site.

  4. Mike says:

    Speaking about \12\TEMPLATES\IMAGES… have you noticed that all images referenced in core.css point to \_layouts\images\ but in fact aren’t standing there at all. By default \_layouts\1033\images point to \templates\images in IIS…

  5. Randy says:

    And if you really want to change it down deep, go to Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\TEMPLATES\IMAGES and replace HOMEPAGE.GIF with your company logo. I normally change the default HOMEPAGE.GIF to HOMEPAGE1.GIF rather than deleting it.

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