People I met at TechED Boston

I made a point of trying to touch base with as many SharePointers as possible this year,  This year I managed to meet or at least get to say hello to the following SharePoint Bloggers/Community Folk: (Sorry I don’t have the energy to get all the URLS, just google them they’ll come up) – I took the FLU back from Boston, argh! (sorry to those I leave out – I’m running at about 60% right now).
Arpan Shah (MS SharePoint Team)
Lawerence Liu (MS SharePoint Team)
April (MS MVP Team)
Todd Bleeker
Bill English
Andrew Connell
Heather Solomon
Bil Simser
Shane Young (and fiance Nicole)

People from the following organizations:
SharePoint Solutions
When I leave I can tell you this, almost everyone I met was awesome.  I had drinks with a lot of the bloggers I’ve read over the years, great fun!

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