TechED Boston, Day 4

What a day …  Spent the morning with the community server guys (Rob Howard, Sean etc.) at the BOF session. That went great, nice group of guys.

Shortly thereafter Amanda and I swung by the “Office” area to see who was manning the SharePoint booths, (trying to touch base with as many as possible!). Lucky for us Lawerence Liu from the SharePoint team happened to be there – someone we’d been hoping to get to talk to as he’s been contributing greatly to the SharePoint community efforts.  We had a chance to sit down and discuss some of our ideas and I was very impressed with his “vision” for a self-sustaining SharePoint community.  Two things which he said that really hit home and I agree with 100%: 1) There will always be “many” community sites and that we can certainly work better “together” rather than seeing any as a “competitor of sorts”, and 2) There is a large need within the community to cater not only to the developer, but also to the Information Workers, and IT Pros.  Great talk, great guy.

Later we finally managed to hook up with Heather Solomon and the gang, great bunch of people – it was like meeting old friends.  We hung out at Heathers customization BOF, drank free beers and had some fun.  Later we hit the hotel bar for more drinks and a “Cooked” burger (I don’t get the whole how would you like your burger thing … Uhh COOKED?).  It was a fun time, even though our waitress whom at first was this sweet older lady, very polite, then apparently midnight hit and all bets were off, those in attendance get it.

On a slightly more serious note I did manage to take in one eye opening BOF session last night, it was called “Geeks with cancer and other serious diseases”. I know it sounds cliche but what an insipirational bunch, they got kicked in the head but wouldn’t lie down.  One very notable quote that I took away was:  An author was asked – if you had 6 months to live, what would you do, his reply – write faster.  That was great.

We are about to head back to the convention centre, Influencers Party tonight, see some of you there, the rest, well – I’ll have photos later.

This photo REALLY sums up Todd Bleeker (I snapped it during Heathers BOF – sorry Todd).

Todd Bleeker (Mr Animated) :) (Note: Specal guest appearances by Heather, Amanda, Spencer and Andrew.

Andrew Connell (Answering a WCM question)

PS: Amanda and I are also helping to write some articles for while we’re down here – the first one is up on the keynote here: 

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