Welcome to Boston!

We just touched down at Logan International Airport in Boston. After waking up at 3am – sitting in a hold pattern over Halifax with the looming threat of being diverted to Toronto due to fog you would think the worst is behind you.

Boy was I wrong, after about 1.5 hour delay, we board the speedy new Air Canada jet in Halifax. This is a tiny little 58 seater which is SUPER fast which was clearly evident when we ripped down the runway during take-off. The flight attendant informs us we have a fly time of only 58 minutes (which we thought was 1.5 hours) from Halifax to Boston.

It’s REALLY foggy – we’re climbing to our cruising altitude, and it’s pretty bumpy but nothing completely out of the ordinary. That is until there was a really loud SNAP, a flash of light goes off seemingly inside the plane while at the same time we are jolted in what seemed like all 4 directions at the same time, the power dimmed for a just a second – the entire plane screams (me included) and looking around panic has obviously set in.

Slowly (time has a ratio of 1 second seems like 1 hour at this point) people start to come around but there is no mention of the incident from the flight deck/captain. I peek up the isle and notice the flight attendant smiling which set me a little more at ease but the seatbelt light remains lit, and nothing is said.
About 15-20 minutes later the pilot comes over the radio and informs us that the noise you just heard was us being hit by lightning, but we’re ok to continue. Ok so I really just don’t feel overly comfortable now but what can you do at 32,000 feet?

After a few more minutes the seatbelt lights goes off and out come the refreshments, I’m feeling a little better, Amanda jokingly mentions the incident to the flight attendant saying does this happen often? She informs us she’s been doing this 19 years and it’s her second time, GULP!

When we finally land in Boston – I’m very happy to be on the ground and as we’re being shuttled to terminal E, the international /customs area, people start to talk about it. The pilot and flight crew all join us and they were great, they made jokes about it even tho our pilot who’s been flying 26 years admits it was his first time.

Glad to be here but I need a drink

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2 Responses

  1. shane says:

    I read that just after you posted it and thought YIKES. This was intensely scary, the poor kid a few seats up from me almost came out of his skin when the landing gear came down.

  2. Damn… feel for ya amigo… welcome to the states!

    Sounds familiar: http://andrewconnell.com/blog/archive/2006/02/05/2662.aspx

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