Making Popular Design Decisions (By Eric Meyer)

Excellent article on making popular design decisions by Mr Eric Meyer himself.

Small Exerpt:
Every time you make a layout decision – fluid vs fixed, scaled vs percentage, a few more people hate you. How do you make the right decisions and when?

You’re a Web designer, right? You fascist oppressor. What gives you the right to be so arrogant and close-minded?

Amazing, isn’t it? We’ve only just met and here I am insulting and berating you. And you don’t even know why, though you might have some idea.

Let me clear it up for you: in your last three design projects, you excluded visitors, ran roughshod over user expectations, and generally displayed a lack of understanding of the medium. This is the case no matter what design techniques you used; no matter whose books you read; no matter what you did. You thug.

What the blinking font am I talking about? I’m talking about Web design, which requires a constant balancing of pros and cons, and which does not admit to universally applicable answers. Unfortunately, this means that when you make a choice in how to style your site, you’re going to annoy somebody. Change that decision, and you’ll annoy somebody different.

Let’s take the eternal debate of fixed versus liquid … Read the entire Making Popular Design Decisions (By Eric Meyer)

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