SharePoint 2007, Content Management Server and Andrew Connell

I just finished watching Andrew Connell present on the upcoming Content Management Server which is embedded in SharePoint 2007. Great talk, lots of juicy information. If you didn’t make it to the web-cast I saved the presentation as a PDF.

I’m sure this will be available on-demand soon enough but in the meantime here are your options:

1) Download the PDF version of Andrew Connell’s web-cast on Content Management Server in SharePoint 2007.
2) Visit Andrew Connell’s blog and harrass him with questions (He likes it!)
3) Click refresh 34 million times and wait for the on-demand version which will soon enough turn up here

He truely does have a great amount of CMS knowledge so off you go, it’s time to learn!

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2 Responses

  1. Shane Perran says:

    No problem, I enjoyed the talk. They are always stressful for sure, espeically when Microsoft have you under the microscope, no worries though it went great!

  2. AC says:

    Many thanks man! Whew… it was quite stressful :)

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