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I have been testing the Internet Explorer 7 Beta for awhile now and have noticed a few rendering issues with SharePoint. I also noticed after the “layout complete” refresh these oddities still existed.

I am currently sitting in on an IE Developer Chat and asked if there was any collaboration between the teams to resolve rendering issues:

My Question
Q: hear IE7 is now “render” complete. I work exclusively with CSS+SharePoint and noticed several rendering oddities (calendars for ex). Just curious as to if there is any known upcoming resolutions between your teams

Their Answer
A: IE 7 is now Layout complete. We are continuing to work on any rendering issues that we come across. If you have specific examples please send them to We will take a look. Thanks for the feedback

It’s good to know rendering issues will still be resolved. If you find any rendering bugs please submit them to the IE feedback program

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2 Responses

  1. Hi Shane

    I also noticed a IE7 CSS rendering problem. THe only thing I see is that the left navigation menu width is to big to the middle of the page.

  2. Akahige says:

    I informed them about the calendar render issue some time ago, and got back a reply that redirected me to the SharePoint development team.

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