A view from the road (Information Worker Deep Dives)

I usually have the best of intentions when it comes to blogging while on the road but unfortunately it usually seems to take the back seat.

When I attended TechED last year in Orlando I wanted to post the day-by-day events complete with photos but I just didn’t get around to it. The same can be said for our recent Information Worker Deep Dive tour in Halifax and Ottawa. I did however take a lot of photos, I’m a photo-junkie!

While reading my dailys lately I noticed Bil Simser has been posting some photos from sunny Orlando and Dev Connections.

I really think that these little ‘photo experiences’ people offer add a lot to a blog. I know I personally love taking a look through a few photos that people snap while travelling the world to deliver or take in presentations so I have decided better late then never.

I am going to follow this up with a quick summary of events complete with photos of both the TechED Orlando event last year as well as the Deep Dive tour.

Hopefully future events will be posted a little faster but in the meantime I am dedicated to making sure I share the experience with as many as possible, even if it is only through a few emails, blog posts and photos.

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