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It should come as no suprise to anyone that I was never against using FrontPage 2003 as long as it was used properly, for example – data views were/are one of the best custmoization options available for content.

The problem with FrontPage was it had been misused alot and it really made itself a nasty little reputation, a reputation so bad that Microsoft decided to rework the application and then rebrand it to breathe new life into it.

The result is “SharePoint Designer 2007”. Mike Fitz said awhile back “It’s time to show some FrontPage love” and now I know why, they have really put a lot of great effort into this application to make it a viable SharePoint customization tool.

Now that it seems people are allowed to post screenshots I wanted to post a few screenshots of the great new features that I think the designer types will really love. To view the screenshot just click a link below. Big thanks to Amanda for helping me get these screenshots together!

10 Screenshots of the great new features in SharePoint Designer 2007

(X)HTML and CSS Color Coding & Intellisense
– The code is now much easier to look at.

The Common Tasks Menu – Now when you add a data-view web part for example you have an untuative and useful common tasks panel presented to you. The same as in Visual Studio 2005

A great new Toolbox filled with things like ASP.NET controls

Much nicer CSS control and editing. It is a lot of the dreamweaver way of dealing with CSS.

The slow movement toward a mindset for more semantic markup and CSS versus tables for layout is becoming evident with the inclusion of CSS Layout Templates.

For those that followed my site template tutorials or those that have done much importing of FWP files there are now more features in the Import Menu.

To elaborate a little more on how much better they’ve made this tool for CSS customization, this new “Jump to Code” feature is great. Select a class name and go straight to the page and part of the code for editing.

Of course what would a “new wave” editor be without Master Pages support.

New – “New” Menu where you can now select to create SharePoint Content

In case my other examples didn’t convince you, check out this super cool and useful CSS editing feature which allows you to display only styles used in the current page.

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    SharePoint Designer 2007 Screenshots

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    SharePoint Designer 2007 Screenshots

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