CSS and Rounded Corners (Without Images)

Awhile back I did a lot of searching for effective ways of creating rounded corners. I found literally dozens of workable solutions using 4 corner images.

Then I found an absolutely awesome solution to create rounded corners without using images and instead using a little CSS and Javascript. This is a real gem, it degrades gracefully and makes the job pretty easy.

This morning I was informed that this great solution has been revisted, made even easier, cleaner and better. And on that note I give you:

Nifty Corners Cube:
More than one year has passed from the first version of Nifty Corners. While it was more of a proof of concept, and the second version presented some big improvements, there was still something missing. So here I present Nifty Corners Cube, that are simpler and more flexible than the previous versions.

Anyone involved with CSS and Design I would strongly recommend at least reading this through and being aware of it.

Visit the Nifty Corners Website

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  1. David says:

    The problem seems to be with SharePoint. Very cool and easy to do in ASP.NET we are all having issues with from within SharePoint, Dis you get it to work?

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