Eric Meyer and others on Internet Explorer 7

With Internet Explorer 7 now “Rendering Behaviour” complete the information is coming in fast and furious. Eric Meyer has a great IE7 post with his thoughts.

The IE Blog of course has plenty of information as well as a CSS Zen Garden inspired layout showing off things like fixed positioning, PNG Alpha Channels and Arbitrary Element:hover as well as others. See more about Internet Explorer and it’s CSS rendering on the IE Blog.

Dave Shea over at Mezzoblue has some details about IE 7 as well.

A couple of great quotes from the posts that should bring a smile to your face:

In the Explorer Exposed section on Position is Everything, there’s a big list of bugs exclusive to IE running down the left hand side of the page. With one exception, consider that entire list fixed. The exception is the escaping floats bug, which apparently will take a major code re-architecturing that they simply couldn’t do in IE7; it’ll come in a later release. – Dave Shea

No, I don’t think IE will wipe everyone else off the map, but I do think the browser space is getting a lot more interesting. What makes it particularly interesting is that the competition is not going to be over who can add the coolest non-standard geegaws, but who can deliver the best product based on the same standards as everyone else. – Eric Meyer

Talking at Microsoft’s current Mix 06 conference conversation Bill Gates mentioned that IE could see a refresh every 9 to 12 months. Don’t forget that the reason MSN Messenger is so widely adopted is due to the update-attention it gets every few months. This is great news!

I’m looking forward to hearing comments from people like Jeffrey Zeldman, Molly Holzshlag and Jakob Nielson.

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