Built on complex theory like sharing and playing well with others

The title of this blog post was actually a title I seen from Microsoft about SharePoint about 2 years ago.

During our Deep Dives last week I noticed how much the ‘entire community’ can be leveraged. Every single one of us made references to blogs and encouraged people to take advantage of the thriving community available to them.

During the Administration and Disaster Recovery portion I noticed that Steve had referenced a blog post from Mindsharp, a post that Penny Coventry made on “How to find out what level of SharePoint you are using“.

That’s when I realised just how accepted and thriving the community really is and how much better it works together rather than constantly competing against one another.

If you look at what was actually taking place – There we were on the road to promote “Our (Infotech Canada’s) Products/Services”. Microsoft was there with us supporting our company, their partner. We were in turn introducing people to other great companies such as Mindsharp. Three companies in the same space promoting one another.

What would have seemed like corporate suicide in years gone past is now openly accepted and encouraged. It’s another sign of the ever changing industry we are a part of. A change for the better in my opinion.

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