Infotech IW Team Technical Tour

I just landed in Halifax …

I am currently on tour with our IW team to deliver a few days of technical deep dives for SharePoint and Project Server. So far it’s ramping up to be a lot of fun.

Microsoft is kicking off the events which span across 4 days, 2 days in Halifax and 2 days in Ottawa. The events are being held at the Westin Hotel in both Halifax and Ottawa so if you or someone from your organization is in the area don’t be afraid to drop me a line.

The members of our IW team delivering technical presentations are:

Amanda Murphy – Delivering both SharePoint and Project Server Presentations.
Lloyd Cotton – Delivering an in-depth look customizing data and web part development.
Steve Clarke – Delivering a technical best practices presentation on SharePoint Administration and Disaster Recovery

Oh yeah, and me – My presentation is dubbed “Creating a better SharePoint user-experience via UI customization”. I will be touching on the different forms of customization and what you can accomplish with them but mostly on how you can really use them to enhance the overall user-experience and drive user-adoption.

We fly out to Ottawa again tommorow evening. If you want more information on the event please see the Infotech Canada Website – It’s in the news section.

For those that cannot make it I am pushing to release the presentations as some type of (screen/pod) cast. Maybe I will speak with Gene over at the SharePoint Show. I will be making the slide-decks available as well so noone should be left out.

So, I have not been ignoring the blog, I’ve just been busy preparing.

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  1. Bob Fox says:

    Outstanding Shane… bring the troop down to Jersey :)

    Also have a look at my Theme Doc i have on the site…. it may be something you can work into your demo’s

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