Step-by-Step Tutorial on SharePoint Site Creation – Part 7

Note, the entire tutorial from start to finish will be available as a single zip file when it is complete, it will include all source html, css, PSD/Images etc.

I will assume mostly everyone is quite familiar with creating creating a default SharePoint site so I won’t waste much time here.

On the odd chance there are a couple of complete beginners I will run through the steps w/ screenshots real quick.

Step 1.
Go to your main portal page (http://yourserver), and click on Sites in the top menu.

Step 2.
Select Create

Step 3.
Enter information about your site, such as the name and then click Create.

Step 4.
Select a template for your site. (These are actually site definitions, we will get into that later.) For now select Blank Site then click OK.

Step 5.
That’s it for creating a site within SharePoint so if you have never used SharePoint before, and have never created a website before you are now oficially able to create a website that easy, without writing a single line of code.

However …

This still looks like SharePoint, and we just don’t want that. We want a cool design that reflects our brand! We want a “real website!”. That’s exactly what we’re going to get!

For those that are wondering why I didn’t create a site definition and apply ‘that’ rather than what I just did. This tutorial is creating a template which we will wrap up and deploy.

I will get into the differences of site definitions and site templates, what’s better, when they are better so don’t worry, it will be at the end.

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