SharePoint Customization: SharePoint Site Template Creation

I have had many emails over the last while about the SharePoint Site Template Tutorials. I figured I would give everyone an update here.

If you don’t don’t care and just want to download the SharePoint Site Template Tutorial Files
Note: I had to “salvage” what is left so there may be gaps.

If you are curious as to the delay, there was good and bad news about the tutorials:

The bad news –

  • First my blog underwent some serious malicious activity (SQL attacks) due partly too an unpatched server and partly to a moveable type exploit. Long story short this caused mass corruption of the data-base and pages contained within’ – many of these pages being tutorial pages. Some things are cut off abrubtly etc. etc.
  • As if that wasn’t bad enough I had a hard-drive failure on none other than my – work/storage – drive which of course held all of the source files for the tutorial as well as a dozen or more sites that I am working on. Anyways boo-hoo redundant drives are good, lesson learned and moving on.

The good news:

  • I have recovered (most) of the important data .
  • I have recovered much of the tutorial files and put them together in a single zip file which includes the actual template (exported from frontpage) as well as all the source/working files. Download Site Template Tutorial Files
  • I have actually started on putting the tutorials together as PDF’s in a much nicer and easier to read format
  • I have some really fun (free) stuff in the works and I hope to start realesing information on soon

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2 Responses

  1. Randy Schmidt says:

    Great stuff! Thanks. I look forward to the pdf.

  2. Bob Fox says:

    You Da Man Shane!!

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