SharePoint Customization: Content Editor Web Part (CEWP)

While the Content Editor Web Part is anything but ideal for actual “content editing” it does serve as a great tool for adding snippets of javascript to a page to manipulate the DOM or add a client side mini-application. I am a big fan of using the CEWP for these types of jobs.

One of the key things you can do in SharePoint using the content editor web part is manipulate the DOM using getElementByID.

Learn more about using getElementById:

Todd Bleeker has bunch of great CEWP things in the works

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  1. Felipe Sánchez says:


    I’m trying to figure how SharePoint handles content edition using the mentioned web part and I’m wondering if you could give me a hand. Now, when you click on the button to edit the part, using the rich text editor, there is a few ways the control could get the data: passing the text on the URL, storing it in a session variable or some other way(s) I haven’t realized. The interesting part begins when you want to set the editted text to the database, how would you do it? If you are wondering why am I asking the question, it’s just a learning exercise!



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