SharePoint Customization: Theme Customization Tips

I just noticed Bil posted up a couple of neat little tricks that he uses to get around the Theme Customization+Caching pains.

IE: Making changes to a theme, then unloading/reloading the theme in order to see those changes take place.

You gotta love Bils humor: “Applying themes to WSS sites is sometimes like giving birth to a duck-billed platypus on a snowy day in the middle of springtime … ”

Unfortunately he does have a very valid point there is definately nothing overly “easy, or fun” about SharePoint customization, it’s been a long hard road – but it’s also been a challenge and that’s part of what keeps us going.

Take a look at Bil Simsers blog for a couple of neat tips on easing the Theme customization pains

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  1. Shane says:

    For the record, the way I do it:

    I create a dummy site that having pages unghosted doesn’t matter.

    I duplicate a theme on the server and do all the regular rigamaroll of adding the XML entries and finally applying the new theme to my dummy site.

    I then connect to the site using FrontPage 2003 and head directly to the _themes directory and open my theme.css file.

    As I make edits I use the frontpage preview button to open it in IE. Once I am happy with it I export the theme.css to my desktop and then copy it over to the server where others can then apply it.

    Tip: Themes from our theme pack have LOTS of good comments to help you customize most elements.

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