SharePoint Customization: (almost) Everything you should know about Ghosting and Unghosting

It seems there are unlimited questions surrounding ghosted -vrs- unghosted pages in SharePoint.

Just to name a few …

What is it exactly?
What causes it?
What doesn’t cuase it?
Does a site or page get unghosted?
Can you reghost a page once it’s unghosted?

Luckily for us there are lots of great answers out there. I figured with so many discussions on this topic lately I’d try to bring a bunch of them together for my own use as well as anyone that ever searches this site for ghosting issues.

What is Ghosting?

Maurice on Ghosted and Unghosted (1 of 2)
Maurice on Ghosted and Unghosted (2 of 2)
Maurice on Meta-data and Unghosting
UNtruths about ghosting/unghosting
Don’t Kill the Messenger
Andrew Connell and knowing whats under the covers
Maurice on ghosted sites or pages?

SharePoint Document Libraries and Property Promotion
Daniel Mcpherson on property promotion

Programs that can reghost, unghosted sites: (note I have not yet tested reGhost.NET.)
Ghost Hunter (from the Web Part Tool Kit)

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