SharePoint Customization: Renaming a Web Part Page

Doing my morning blog-rounds I noticed a great tip from Bil Simser on renaming a web part page, without unghosting it.

Don’t you just hate it when you create a document library to hold a bunch of custom web part pages, but then they all show “Web Part Page” in the browser title? I was messing around with lookups (to create a web part page menu system) and noticed that the only lookup field that was available was a field called “Title”. Hmm, this wasn’t the filename and wasn’t in any view that I saw or property when you edit the page.

Sure enough, there’s a column in a document library called “Title” and when you base the template for the library on Web Part Pages, the default when creating new documents is, you guessed it, “Web Part Page”.

Patrick blogged awhile ago about changing the title here but there was always a belief that you had to edit a WPP in FrontPage (thus unghosting it) to change the real title (and thus the browser window title).

Read the full article on Renaming a Web Part Page on Bil’s Blog

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