CSS Improvements in Firefox 1.5

CSS Improvements
Some areas of CSS2 are still begging for full support in today’s browsers. Firefox 1.5 is another step forward in supporting these obscure-but-useful features:

Nested quotes
If you put quotes within quotes (e.g. I said, The guy told me it was A-OK!), Firefox 1.5 will now intelligently use “double quotes” for the outer quote and ‘single quotes’ for the inner one. If you’d like to change this behaviour, you can set the CSS quotes property accordingly.

Custom cursors
Of course you can use the CSS cursor property to change the appearance of the mouse pointer when hovering over a given element. But Firefox 1.5 is the first release where you can specify the URL to an image file that will be used for the pointer.

Outlines are good for highlighting elements without modifying the layout of the page. Unlike CSS borders, outlines don’t take up space, and may be non-rectangular. Other than that, the CSS outline properties work very much like the border properties.

CSS counters let you generate numbers much like those generated for an ordered list except that you can use CSS to place these counters wherever you like. Elements need not be a part of the one list to share a counter, and you can nest multiple counters to number things like sections and sub-sections (e.g. Section 1.2.3.).

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