SharePoint Customization: Name that Class! (Help!)

Anyone that deals with much SharePoint customization also deals with the pains that come along with a LOT of CSS. I am certainly no exception to this rule.

If anyone would like to school me on a couple of particular classes – I’d be eternally grateful.

1) The Rich Text Editor (Background that you TYPE in) – It uses the BODY’s background – anyone have a way to get around this? – updated – no longer an issue. .ms-WPbody .ms-WPbody p will let you style this element. See the full post on customizing the rich text editor for more.

2) The SOURCE EDITOR (Background that you TYPE in) – I have not researched this one much yet I just noticed it’s black on a theme I was doing – It may be linked to the top bar but I have no idea why.
#2 – I researched it quickly and it just uses the TEXTAREA. I just needed to look :)

3) The multi-upload for document libraries. – I think I have this one narrowed down to using the ms-navframe (The Inside of the side navigation which is broken into 2 classes. The outerbox (Ms-Nav) and Inner (Ms-Navframe).

#3- After more testing I think the multi-upload is narrowed down to this:
The left side (the nav tree) uses ms-navframe and the Right side (the documents) uses the BODY background. Oddly though it doesn’t inherit a background image, or the padding etc yet if I change the background colour it takes it.

Anyone care to take a crack at these? – feel free to comment here or email me

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3 Responses

  1. Shane Perran says:

    You will be happy to know I have figured this out and will post the solution a little later today.

  2. Alex Angas says:

    I’ve put a lot of effort in trying to get #3 to work without any success. At the moment it’s a dark blue background which really doesn’t work. I second Shane’s post, if anyone can help…

  3. Erik says:

    Thank you for taking the time to tackle this Issue. I have had to live with the rich text editors taking the body background colors and explaining to my clients that there is nothing that I could do. Hopefully somehow, someone will come up with an answer!


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