weBlog Content Crisis – Uniqueness versus Bulk

What is more important, bulk or unique content? Easy answer huh, so why is it …

When I take a look around I notice one very common factor amongst blogs, regurgitated information. The same thing posted over and over on 20 different sites. This must be addictive because most of us are guilty of doing it, myself very much included.

There are definately things that should be linked to and talked about on a lot of sites but those are the real important ones, like a great new product or service or the latest and greatest on vNext for SharePoint (products and technologies).

For the most part however a weBlog with less but great and unique content is definately better than one that is chaulk full of reposted information.

We need more uniqueness there is no question about it

On that note I am going to try eating my own dogfood and post as much unique content as possible.

This doesn’t mean I am not still reading your Blogs it just means I don’t want my site to become another blog that just reposts information, I do have quite a few unique posts but I am making a conscious decision to create better, more unique content. There will still be some reposting, just hopefully a little less.

On a final note I would like to thank three people that really stand out in my mind for already following this rule as much as possible. Possible the same reason these are three of my most commonly visited/read Blogs.

Patrick Tisseghem’s Blog [MVP SharePoint]
Bil Simser’s Fear and Loathing
Todd Bleeker’s 60 Hive

This isn’t meant to downplay anyones blog it’s merely something to think about. If anything it’s based on my own personal posting habits and ways to improve them.

An example of what I mean when I say good content versus bulk:

SharePoint Site Definitions:
How many identical posts are there on site definitions that tell you how to copy an existing definition add a webtemp file and then leave it at that? Quite a few. I won’t point to any in particular again I’m not creating this post for that reason.

An example of using good content would be Heather Solomon’s post outlining what each definition is, where it resides and what it controls.

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