SharePoint Site Creation – Step-by-Step (Part 13) : Using FrontPage 2003 backup to create a site template

One nice feature FrontPage 2003 has is it’s ability to create a backup of your entire site including all customizations and content into a single file.

This is great for backing up your work and making your template portable. FrontPage 2003 also has a restore utility that will allow you to apply your template to an empty site.

Step One: Open the site you wish to back-up.

Go to File, Open site and type in the URL of the site you wish to back-up.


Step Two: Using the Backup utility

Go to Tools, Server, Backup Web Site


Step Three: Including Subsites

If you wish to include and sub sites within your web site check the box


Step Four: Name your backup

Create an appropriate name for your site and then select a location to download it to.


That’s it!

If your backup was successful you will get a message telling you so.


That’s about it for using FrontPage 2003 to backup your web site, if you look back up to the backup screenshot you will notice the restore option. If you want to apply your tempalte to an empty site you use this command. Just connect to the site the same way you did above, select the restore option under Tools, Server, Restore Web Site and then select the template you created

couple of things to note about these templates:

They can be a maximum of 10 MB

You can only apply this template to an EMPTY site without a template applied. This includes BLANK templates. If you want to apply one of these templates to a site you can create your site normally but when you get to the apply template page STOP, then connect to the site via frontpage and apply your template.

They have a .FWP extension but in reality they’re really only CAB files. If you rename your FWP to a CAB you can open it to view the contents. The manifest.xml file inside controls your sites configuration. If you ever need to search and replace hardcode URLS/Paths this is a quick way to do it. You will need CABARC which you can get from the Microsoft site to repackage the file.

Finally we have gone through everything I wanted to cover in this site tempalte tutorial. As promised I will get everything together and let you download it all as a single zip file which you can do as you please with.

The zip will include all HTML, CSS, Images, Lists, Content, PSD’s, Fonts and of course the site template and theme.

I will also be recreating the entire tutorial in a much more readable manner. It will be available as a PDF download.

Happy Customizing!

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