The Beauty of SharePoint

Most of my posts are about SharePoint customization so I wanted to switch it up a little and write something slightly different but not too far off the beaten path.

I have read several posts/debates about the negative aspects of SharePoint Products and Technologies most of which dwell on things it was never expected to do.

The common theme that I have found in the negative critique has been an overwhelming lack of education or perhaps a misinterpretation of the product.

I have been heavily and exclusively involved with SharePoint Products and Technologies both Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 and SharePoint Portal Server 2003 for the past two years and want to share my own experiences with the product, positive ones.

The truth about SharePoint Products and Technologies

While it was meant to be utilized as a document management and collaboration platform it goes way above and beyond that.

In my opinion the single most important yet commonly overlooked strength of SharePoint is it’s diversity and flexibility as a building platform.

What I mean by that is it SharePoint offers a very extensible foundation from which to build solutions that will adapt to and grow with virtually any business process.

What it really boils down to is empowering the workers to manage (and create) dynamic websites, teams, projects and documents all from a single access point.

This sets off a chain reaction where fewer resources are required to perform tasks which once required a technical professional, and those extra resources can spend their time more efficently working on more complex tasks.

Ultimately this leads to the obvious goal of any organization, to reduce costs and resources by creating a more streamlined and productive environment. In other words – Do more with less.

The above only scratches the surface on some of the benefits of using SharePoint Products and Technologies. I didnt even touch on the re-usability of Web Parts, The Easy Website Creation/Maintenance or the ability to be customizaed to suit your corporate brand.

If I could try to sum it up into one tagline I think it would be “Making Technology Simple”. I think SharePoint has done a fantastic job of that.

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