How usable is your Blog?

After reading Jakob Nielsen’s “Weblog Usability: Top 10 Design Mistakes” I realised that even some of my most recent implementations are not up to snuff, namely:

Titles in all CAPS. Apparently this slows down reading by 10%. (This will be changed soon).

Links don’t say where they go – I know I have done it several times in the past. Creating a link in the middle of a sentence that really doesn’t even make sense. For example: Today when we were outside …

Watching what you write: I am guilty of being what one might describe as a grammatical nightmare on my blog from time to time. Big no-no, you never know who’s reading or what’s being cached.

On a brighter note, some of my most recent additions did hit the list on the good side, for example;

Classics being buried: Many blogs tend to leave their ‘classic blog posts’ buried in an archive, how exactly is a user supposed to know that you posted something in May 2002? – This is of particular significance if your search engine isn’t super. – Luckily this is exactly why I created the Projects section in the navigation menu.

No About Information, or Photo: People like to know who they are dealing with. I agree completely and that’s why I added my “About” page to the navigation menu.

There are several things on the list, I’d suggest taking a look at it and rating your own blog. You can read the entire Jakob Nielsen’s Weblogs: Top Design Mistakes article here.

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